Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins



Thanksgiving marked one month since finding out our daughter has DIPG. One month from finding out these holidays will more than likely be our last together.


I am thankful…

-7 kids die daily from cancer. My child wasn’t one of them.

– Jonathan loved the build a bear his sister made for him.

DSC_0042-The whole family meal was gluten free.

-Tony handled some epic meltdowns.

-Charlotte slept peacefully on me.

-We got interviewed on camera for a local tv program.

-Jennifer was so proud to give everybody the Thanksgiving gifts she made.

-I heard laughter all around me, my children, their cousins and my siblings.

-I tucked in 4 tired and full babies.


-7 children lost to cancer on Thanksgiving. My child wasn’t one of them.

-My child wasn’t one of them.

– Thankful.